World's Most Widely Read Magazine.

Reader's Digest - the world's most widely read magazine, reaching 100 million readers worldwide every month, is published by The Reader's Digest Association Inc and its Indian edition is now a part of the India Today Group. Reader Digest's editorial material aims to inform, enrich, entertain and inspire readers across the world. Today the magazine offers a mix of engaging, original and republished content to appeal to contemporary tastes. It is the largest selling magazine in the world, published in 48 editions and 19 languages, and is sold in more than 60 countries.

The first Indian Edition of Reader's Digest was launched in 1954 and its circulation has been growing steadily ever since. Reader's Digest in India now sells over half a million copies every issue with a readership of over 3.6 million. Under the licensing arrangement, Reader's Digest will receive a deeper and wider access to the Indian market through the INDIA TODAY GROUP'S multi-lingual publishing and multi-channel interests.