In Harmony
Masala Matinee
Spending a lazy afternoon talking to Sanjeev and Alyona Kapoor is like savouring a delicately flavoured lasagna - so layered are their personal and professional lives with intriguing anecdotes. Rene Verma talks to the chef and his wife on career, love and who is the lord of the kitchen at home.

Don't ignore that gut feeling
Medical experts are calling gut bacteria the "second brain". Recent studies reveal how these tiny microbes in our gastrointestinal tract (or gut) determine our health, including how we think and feel. GH health anchor, Rene Verma, runs a probe into the findings.

Get The Greens The Easy Way!
No you don't have to eke out time from your busy schedule and trudge to the nursery or consult the neighbour's maali to begin your own garden - be it over a sprawling outdoor, in small pots or on the terrace. Pallavi Thakur Bose brings you know-how.

Glam up your home
If you have stowed away your family's priceless silver in a glass cabinet, we urge you to take it out of antiquity. Here's how you can make good use of heirlooms as part of your everyday decor By Sharmila Chand.