In Harmony

Be your own person not a replica of your husband

She took everyone by surprise when she decided to quit acting just after the mega success of her first film. She chose to get married and play the real-life role of the traditional bahu. Today, 25 years later she advises GH readers: 'Marriage is not an easy ride but never forget the reason you got married in the first place. And remember to take a stand when you need to.'

Design your own cupcakes

Create fun cupcakes at home with your children. Nandini Banerjee gives a step-by-step guide with frosting options and tips for beginners.

Don't bully your child to lose weight

It's a fact - the more the parent obsesses about over-eating, more the child eats. Nutritionist Kavita Devgan on how to stop this vicious cycle.

Don't feel weighed down

We all get bogged down sometimes - feeling like this once in a while is normal but it's worrying if it tends to be become a way of life. Sonali Ghosh Sen finds out a sure shot solution: "Decluttering" - be it things, time or tasks. Here's the 10-step way forward.