In Harmony

There's nothing like "too much"

In their 30s, TV actors Roshni Chopra and Smita Bansal love riding life's roller coaster - back-to-back shoots, demanding children, social engagements and plumbing issues at home. And they wouldn't want to change a thing. Read more about their ever-hectic but never-boring routine.

Shades of black

Colour speaks – it is telling of a mood; it creates a sense of drama or calm, and at times even surprise... like it happens when neutral black tones are used with clever contrasts

Heart to heart

Sonali Ghosh Sen zeroed in on four cardiologists who practice every word of what they preach – about exercise, relaxation and diet control. What’s more, their families are following suit. Read on to know more.

Up the Fun Factor This Summer
Normal is boring!

Jane Gopalakrishnan brings you a host of ideas that go beyond the done-to-death summer hobby courses and allow your child’s imagination and creativity to soar.