In Harmony

Moms in style

Mothers today are glamorous superwomen. They are successful entrepreneurs, professionals and homemakers who have honed the fine art of striking a balance in life through hits and misses. Mohini Mehrotra gets chatty with three inspiring women who epitomise this and finds out what makes them tick!

What's cooking?

Add a bit of spunk to your everyday kitchen experience with some new tools. Ritu Ghai reviews the best online resources to get you started.

The world in my kitchen

Meal times in Indian homes no longer mean just dal-sabzi-roti or dal-chawal. Mexican, Chinese, Lebanese, Spanish cuisines are fast becoming a way of life. Sangeeta Khanna spots the delicious trend and tells you more. (Plus, some easy recipes to get you started).

Add style to your life

To be stylish seems to be the main ambition of our times - reams of cash, mindspace and conversation are devoted daily to being "with it". Payal Puri tells you more...