In Harmony

Chin up, always

Life dealt her a raw deal. She accepted what she could not change; changed the things she could - fought hard, stayed strong and emerged a winner - and then went on to counsel and help others emerge from their dark shadows. Meet Swapna Nair, the champ who stands tall at five feet...

Summer glam-up

On a bright sunny day, at a beachy location in Gurgaon, GH styled two pretty ladies - we experimented with new looks and got fabulous results. Here's a peek... Their "before" and "after" shots - get inspired and do something different this season

My dish, my inheritance

Special family recipes, passed through generation from mothers to daughters, shared by five Good Housekeeping readers on Facebook.

They dared, they triumphed

Women who made uncommon career choices, broke stereotypes and emerged winners... Here are their stories...