In Harmony

'I am what I am always'

She dropped from 90kg but not to size zero – and is healthy and beautiful. In her debut role, she wore ghaghra cholis – not even a dream song in a mini - and was a star overnight. This young actor does what she believes in, never mind the flak. Lotica Thukral catches up with Sonakshi and her rock, her mother Poonam

Deck It Up

Festive time offers a reason to break monotony, refashion, and ring in more joy in every day living. Sonali Sen Ghosh brings you easy ideas.

Style in your 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s

In celebration of Good Housekeeping’s 10th Anniversary, we got popular faces of the Indian television industry, a movie star and a celebrity anchor to show off exciting new looks with a modern edge. Enjoy and get inspired to up your own style quotient.

To buy or not to buy

Most people who embark on a fitness journey, first rush out and buy exercise equipment. GH conducted an informal survey and put together utility ratings from experts and users so you can pick wisely.